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Sometimes my posts raise questions. Sometimes people have specimens they want identified. Sometimes readers have suggestions that could make this blog better.

That’s why this is here.

By filling out this form, you’re sending me (Penny) a private e-mail. The form will be cleared and no one else can ever see it.

If you have a suggestion, fill in the required fields, and click submit.

You can ask questions about anything in my posts, or suggest topics for new posts. (Or, more likely, what you thought was a ‘little’ question will inspire a new post.)

You can link me to images of rocks, minerals, fossils, or other geologic structures using the “Image URL” box. Link to Flickr, Instagram, or any of your favorite image-sharing services. Remember, though, that if you use Facebook, the image has to be ‘public’ for me to be able to see it. Sorry, you can’t just attach a JPEG like with a regular e-mail. I am happy to try to identify your mineral, or describe the geologic story in your favorite landscape, though I don’t guarantee success.

There are a couple of boxes about permissions. If your query does inspire a whole post, I need permission to use images (if they are your own), and will need to know if you prefer to be anonymous or credited.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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