Prince of Herongarde – Another Excerpt

So here’s the thing: I’m working on the Prince of Herongarde manuscript right now. It needs some TLC. Don’t really want to distract myself by writing a regular blog post. So, excerpt it is! Enjoy!


Trey stepped under the awning and paused for a moment, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the shade. The keeper approached him quickly, bowing repeatedly. “My Lord! Your Highness!”

“Please,” said Trey, waving the man off. “Is her Majesty here?”

“Aye, my Lord. She dines with other Ladies within.”

“Good,” said Trey as he entered the small tavern. Patrons looked up, many standing and bowing as he entered. He ignored it, finding it annoying. He needed to speak to his mother. He spotted her sitting with Markus’s wife at a far table.

“Mother,” he said as he approached. “Might I have a word with you?”

Tessa stood. “Trey! So glad to see you! What need you?”

He motioned her toward a more private corner of the room. Tessa eyed him curiously. “What is it, Trey?”

Trey gathered his thoughts. “Mother, does Hanna receive a wage?”

Tessa was surprised by this question. It was not what she expected.

“A wage? I know not. I have not paid her. Have you?”

“No. I thought she would have some pay, I guess. It never occurred to me how that might happen.”

Tessa was silent, watching Trey.

“I told her to purchase fabric. For a gown. I thought not that she would have no money for it. Why would she not tell me?”

Tessa put her hands on her hips and gave him a motherly look. Trey knew that face. “I know, I know.” He looked at his mother. “What can we do?”

Tessa smiled. “You give her some money, obviously.”


“Yes, you.”

“Oh. How much?”

Tessa leaned back thoughtfully. “Well, a gown, you say… And she’s served us for three months.” Tessa eyed her son. “And she had her face smashed.”

Trey smirked, and looked away uncomfortably.

“Six crown would buy sufficient fabric. Eight would be finer. For her service, you decide.”

“And I should do this? Are you sure?”

Tessa cocked her head knowingly at him. “T’would mean more from you, aye.”

Trey frowned and nodded. “Aye. Thank you, Mother.” He bowed and left. Tessa smiled. Something was stirring in him, she could tell. It made her happy.

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