Telling myself stories – or – Is it just me?

This is a revelation and maybe I’m sharing too much. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember, and really thought not much of it, but over the weekend I realized just how important this little ‘quirk’ of mine is.

I’ve always told myself stories as I go to sleep. I always have. Only recently have I actually started writing these stories down, and – by golly – other people seem to like them too! I suppose it’s not so unusual for a person to tell themselves stories as they lay down, or maybe it is, I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me.

I have story lines in my head that started back in high school. Characters that are old friends, having relationships, getting in trouble, and overcoming obstacles, all while I’ll lying in bed trying to wind down for the day. Some of them have complex histories. Some are fairly simple. There’s almost always a love story in there somewhere. And my stories almost always are driven by people being removed from their comfortable surroundings and stuck somewhere else, and having to deal with that. There have been suicides in my stories. And rescues. The occasional murder. Lots of fighting and struggling.

I visit these stories every night, sometimes jumping from tale to tale, character to character, three times in one minute. New stories arise when I’m inspired by a book or a movie. I usually run with those for a long time. Prince of Herongarde arose when I first saw the movie Ironclad.

Does this seem familiar to any of you? Am I the only one?

It gets stranger, alas. Some nights I focus on a single scene, running through it several times until I’m satisfied with it. Maybe later I’ll write it down. Or not. I’ll hash out a different version of the scene the next night. That one will be better.

But I don’t just think them through. I’ll pantomime them. I’ll act them out. I’ll whisper the dialogue and stand by the bed in the dark imagining what it would be like to see an army approaching the castle walls upon which I stand.

Is that strange? Am I the only one?

I can’t do this when others are around, even my most trusted friends. Not even my husband. I just can’t. It’s so private to me. (So why am I telling you this?)

But if I don’t tell stories to myself, complete with pantomime, I start to miss it. It’s like being cut off from friends. My imagination needs a place to roam. Sometimes I’ll be up until 2am letting it frolic in the fields of a foreign planet. If I can’t do that, I get frustrated and depressed.

I was doing this when I was four years old. I do it now at 40. I suspect I will continue until I die.

Is it just me?

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  1. You’re not alone, no. I do something similar, although not to that level of detail. And I’m always the main character. (grin) Mostly I’m just rehearsing conversations with people I’ve never met, or not likely to see again. Sometimes it’s with characters from fiction. I used to tell off Captain Kirk pretty regularly.

    “So why am I telling you this?”

    The Internet is an interesting place. Because you can’t see who you’re talking to, it feels like you’re anonymous so you can say lots of things you’d never say in person without feeling embarrassed. (I suspect the reason we don’t say embarrassing things in public is not because we don’t want to feel embarrassed, but because we don’t want people to see us being embarrassed. The ‘net solves that nicely.) Also, since this is a written, verbal medium without the time demands of keeping up with a face to face conversation, we can chose our words more carefully. Plus we don’t have to worry about our body language giving us away. It just “feels” safer.

    I’ve been doing stuff online since 1986, and I’ve made some wonderful friends because of the openness this anonymity encourages. Most of these people I met in person eventually. I’m even engaged to marry one of them. (I met her in person first.) We all have a deep desire to connect with people like ourselves, but sometimes the physical reality of being in someone’s presence (making the effort to go somewhere, trying to make a good impression, being distracted by their, and our own, appearance) can get in the way of finding out if the person we’re meeting is someone we want to connect with. On the Internet the effort to meet and get to know someone is low, and if that someone isn’t to our liking we can drop the conversation easily without the burden of being polite.

    Blogs especially are a common place to open up. They’re not really a conversation, so there’s not even the feedback from a conversation partner to be concerned about. Sure there are commenters, but you’re in control there. You can respond or not as you see fit, and even delete comments that you don’t like. I had a blog for a few years and I unloaded a lot of very personal stuff there. I’m not embarrassed by it, even though some of the things I’d never tell anyone in person.

  2. Good points, Dave, about why I spill my guts here. It’s true. I finally explained this to my husband last night. I’ve never told anyone before (except by brother way back when we were kids).
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only nighttime actor. That is one nice thing about the internet is that when you spill your guts, you often find you’re not alone!

  3. My characters KayCee Feredey and Tony Sloan have been in my nightime presleep events since early high school…I still rely on them like a baby blanket…Should write it down, cause I fall asleep at the same point all the time

  4. I do this extensively. I started creating characters when I was around four years old–one in particular became practically my best friend. I wrote his story of growing up as I grew up, creating a world around him, giving him friends, taking things away. Imagining what he’d do if in the world of some film or novel. I talked to/as him in my head when I was scared or alone (I still do), and aloud when I was/am by myself. It’s a very personal part of me as I feel emotionally connected to this character more than any other I have written, and in some ways, more than any friend. It’s something I feel I will never be able to give up–or discuss with anyone–because as you say here, it’s like being cut off from friends.

    I began to write a novel in elementary school, which ultimately I connected to my character. I then started a prequel, just about him, and I took this scrap from middle school to make my NaNoWriMo novel this past November. It’s simply magical to read it; I don’t even know how to describe the book to anyone because it’s almost about me, in the way the story has formed in my head for years. Writing was so easy. The narration was a voice so dear to me. Every word he says, every flaw he expresses, is something I’ve created and explored in such great depth in my own mind. I’m terribly proud that I was able to finally substantiate the character on paper, although I don’t think I will approach his story again for another few years. Still writing it in my head!

    I’m also so relieved to discover that I’m not alone in this experience. I know that I’m still young, but I truly do not think that these characters and my exploration of their worlds will cease.

  5. All my life I’ve always told myself a story. Not just to go to sleep but when I’m listening to music as well.

    Its a bit confusing but when I close my eyes I’m in a room, like a lobby. I walk along coming to millions of mirrors. Some are closed others are open. Each one is a different story.
    The stories themselves are embarrassing but I’ll try to say them as best I can.
    My favourite one shows me as the main character. (Pointing this out now I love anime)
    I live with lots of different characters in my story.
    The story is based around me in another life was granted a wish like in madoka magica, where when my wish was granted I had to become a magical girl and forever fight witches.
    The old life was a lot like mine now. Miserable, lonely, desperate. And I wished for all my dreams to come true. (Dreamception) and so I began living this new life.
    It would take me hours to explain it all but the main gist is that in my dream, I was living a sad life, wished for a new one.
    Sometimes I add new characters ones. And develop it.

    The reason I am telling you this is that its not so much a little fantasy. But an absolute dream. I cling to it, its my only hope. Everyday I get home, immediately start telling myself it.
    They greet me as I enter through the mirror, and its so unbelievably nice.

    I’m proberbally making no sense but, I wanted to try and explain.

  6. I think I do understand, at least a bit. There are days when the stories are the only possible escape from the mundaneness of life. They’re especially valuable on bad days, as much for an escape as for coming up with ways to cope.

    Thanks for sharing and keep on dreaming!

  7. I’m 21 years old and have been doing this since i can remember and can tell you the names how my characters speak and act thier life stories and draw thier houses. i can’t stp doing it but i don’t ever want to stop. i’ve had depression for a long time and the only time i find peace is when i go into my little world at night. I have never slept good so I can spend hours talking to myself. My main character changes slightly every so often but he is like a twin to me. I find it helps, i never feel alone at night. I though i was the only one as i have never told anyone about this through fear of people laughing but it is amazing to know there is others. Reading everyone elses post made me feel happier than ive felt for a long time.

  8. When I wrote this post, I had figured I was the only one, too. It’s good to know we’re not alone! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I came across this randomly while looking for something else, and it made me smile to read these words that seem like they could be coming right out of my own mouth. I have been doing the same thing since I was four years old- the first memory I have of it is making up stories about Luke and Leia from Star Wars and their adventures. I still do the same thing as an adult and I am like you, I never talk about it with anybody, although my spouse has figured out over the years what an overactive imagination I have 🙂

  10. I do this often, although I will repeat the same scenes over and over again nightly. I sometimes make up new scenarios- but there is something about being in bed that limits me to telling myself stories about being in bed. I cant ever write them down, because I will develop long backstories for these characters- but only ever act out scenes that involve them about to fall asleep… also, does anyone walk around and act aloud? Just curious… and is it something you need to feel alright? I haven’t been alone in a long time so I have not had the chance to do this and I am about to loose my mind.

  11. Yeah, my stories often start with a scene of someone lying down as well, whether injured or just tired. Sometimes that’s as far as I get. Other times I’ll take the time to try to find the backstory to what got the character to where he or she is (in bed). I definitely do sometimes act things out, but only when I know I won’t be interrupted, for even though my husband knows I do this, it still feels unbearably embarrassing to get caught. This is something I need to do. It’s a little bit of freedom. And if I can’t get some time to myself, I start getting depressed about it.

  12. I have not had the easiest life. I don’t have a degree and my first job out of high school was working at Wendy’s. I am 48 now and ridiculously bad luck still follows me around. I have been homeless. My first wife cleaned out my bank account and took my six month old son back to Canada so she could live with her ex. What I would consider a dream salary 15 years ago is now just barely middle class. I don’t have huge ambitions but things like a home of my own are still financially beyond my grasp. I do have a wife and two wonderful kids. It isn’t all just a stare into the void. I guess you might call them second world problems.
    Anyhoo, I say all that to say this. With a rare and sporadic placement of sunny days in my life, finding a way to keep the demons away long enough for me to fall asleep was a necessity. I would obsess and toss and turn all night. I started drinking heavily after my first wife left until I realized that sleeping in my closet with my dog probably wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world.
    I honestly don’t remember how I discovered the idea of putting myself into a story to pacify my mind so I could fall asleep. I have always read a lot. Fantasy Fiction is my guilty pleasure. Knights and dragons and princesses and the like. So one night in very low moment, when I just was so exhausted and tired of living, I made a different life in my head. Sound completely psychotic yet?
    I was the hero and all the different troubles in my real life became villains in my story. And anything good that happened in reality became something good in my tale as well. It was a coping mechanism and I still do it today, every single night.
    The real world is rigged. One has to fight against it every day just to stay even and sometimes that isn’t even enough. And on the nights where thinking about the very real troubles would lead me into pure despair and not allow me to sleep a wink, I go into my world where there is equitability and people being good to each other. There is love and hope. There are people from my real life who are heroes in my head, and princesses and righteous folk. There is always an evil empire or demon horde or some such silly thing but in those minutes in the dark there is a way to defeat them. There is a place where sometimes the good guys win. In the morning, I have a little hope and at least some rest so that I can go out and keep on going.
    Thanks for this post. I have thought for a very long time that I was the only person who did this.

  13. Hi Christian,
    I’m glad this post resonated with you and lets you know that you’re not all that different. Telling myself stories is also my escape, though my real-world challenges are not so extreme as your own. I’m glad that telling yourself stories gives you hope. I believe this is the number-one reason why writing fiction has real value in this world.
    Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  14. I have told stories since 5 and still do it today at 18 it usually just imagination and action heroes or just me carrying out my dreams in real life

  15. I too have done this for as long as I can remember (I’m now in my 50s) – it seems from the comments above that “around 4 years old” is when a lot of people start – I certainly remember my early stories as vividly as the current ones. My narratives always have lots of trauma and struggle, despite my life being calm and safe. I too sometimes pick up plotlines to develop films and books, replay the same scene repeatedly, “polishing it”; I return to the same stories time after time too, over decades. I’m really interested in history, so my stories often involve being a real person in a place or time that interests me. The main character is never “me” – in fact, the narrative is usually third person, focusing on the main character. Just before she died last year, my 90 year old mother asked me “do you ever tell yourself stories?” – she described exactly what I have always done – so, is it something done in families? I have friends who are writers and novelists, and when I describe my experience they say their process is not the same.

  16. You’re not crazy! i thought i was so i looked it up o see if others did the same and that’s how i found this page

  17. You’re not crazy! i thought i was so i looked it up o see if others did the same and that’s how i found this page

  18. Thank you for sharing this, and thanks for all the comments! Ive done this as well since I can remember, and I’ve never told anyone because it makes me feel embarrased, but I am glad I am not the only one and I am not a psychopath. I am truly relieved and grateful.

    Maybe you should all check the Enneagram Personality Test. I think this is a trait Fours have.

  19. In my case it’s quite different. But your post is the most close thing I could find to what I have .
    As a kid I would usually change up stories, cartoons and movies in my head by replacing the main character by me. Then there was a time I would recall all that happened that day. It was like writing a diary but without the writing.
    That it was my bad times, I would over think every conversation I had that day. I was really anxious and had trouble sleeping (usually ny own heartbeat would wake me up.
    And now , like it started, I’m usually changing stories I know or cartoons. Sometimes I get ideas of interesting stories of people on youtube and imagine how I would act in their situations.
    The problem is, it usually takes me 1 to 2 hours to actually fall asleep from all of this thinking, usually it helpes me associate stuff and then jump really slowly into my actual dream (nightmares).
    But if I wasn’t lazy I would write ALL of my dreams, cause they are usually happen in a world that have been created since my childhood, and it feels like my second home, second life.
    It’s kind of like coraline, this world seems perfect version of the real world (also more twisted) and the people in my dreams look beautiful, everything look like it came from the movie screen. But usually everyone wants to kill me in these world one way or another, feels like hunger games where I’m the only player and the whole world against me.

    OK, I’m off subject. I am happy there are similar cases to mine. But I still hope to find in the future people with the same problem as me (I don’t really enjoy the time it takes me to fall asleep.)

    But thank you so much for sharing your story with us!!
    I see it brought many people together here in the comments!^^

  20. This is the first post I’ve seen that comes close to what I do. My stories have been going on for years. There is generations of family in my stories at this point that i reference (to myself) from time to time. Each character has a backstory that I remember and will never forget. I’ll repeat scenes until i get the conversation between characters right or even something as detailed as a facial expression right. It helps me go to bed but also hinders me from falling asleep some times. Thank you for your post. My friends and family that I’ve talked to about it can not relate in the least bit. It’s nice to know others do the same thing.

  21. I’m 15 and I do this, they always seem so real and sometimes I can’t tell the difference between my stories and reality. For me it’s like a place I use to hide from the demons of real life.
    I’m reading this as a lost teenage girl that is now crying with tears of joy because I know I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing, I don’t feel so seperate from the world now.

  22. Oh my god, this means i’m not insane, i do this while i’m sitting in car or even draw a some scenes on paper while telling myself a story, some situations i ,,replay” in my head like 10 times ’till i’m not like over it or something, i ,, play” those scenes too like i’m opening mouth to imagine the gesture or whispering, And i’m always returning to best scenes to like remember them better.Over some time i start a new story but now i have one favourite and i’m still adding scenes to it, when i’m watching a movie or reading a book.My sister knows about it ,but she thinks that i’m weird. I would write that down but Its always a love story full of those very romantical moments and undieing love, it would be just very akward if someone would find out. Every of those stories have different characters. I always had great imagination and when i draw something Its always got to have a story. I’m 15 years old by the way and please pardon my english

  23. I found this site by googling “Tell yourself stories before bed” because I, too, wanted to know if it was just me. I have been doing it since as long as I remember. Most stories have me as the main character, however some do not. Some of my stories are quite epic, following several characters through the creation of a new civilization. I am a wannabe author, and perhaps this is something that story-tellers always do.

  24. I looked this up to see how many people do this, I felt a bit odd doing it… I’ve been coming up with stories since… forever. I talked to my older sister about it, because I wanted to know if she does it too, which she said she did at the time, when we were only 8 or nine years old. I’m nearly 18, and I find a new set of stories every few years. The stories never follow the same characters, I make up new characters for each one, where I’m typically the main character. If I don’t do this before going to sleep, I become restless, because it takes me a while to fall asleep. Sometimes it takes over an hour. Sometimes not, but I started telling myself stories to focus on something, so that I fall asleep. It was the same for my sister.
    If I don’t do this for a few days, or a week, I get really hungry for it. There’s this deep desire for the plotline and the fantasy. My mom told me that the imagination was the devil’s workshop, so I felt like a villain with my strange dialogue in the middle of the night. I said I’d stop, years later… and couldn’t break ties with it.
    I sometimes stay in bed for hours, to just continue the stories. I dress up similarly to the main characters, and fall asleep in those clothes. The stories spin off of actual stories sometimes, if I really liked them, Like Percy Jackson, And Harry Potter, but more often, I take inspiration and incorporate it into my stories. Some of the stories are about aliens, and their parallel world to our own, others are about mermaids, ghosts, werewolves, witches, dragons, and even creatures I made up, such as a type of creature, made of precious metals and minerals, such as silver or rubies, and are human skeletons, with no skin, immortal beings with no mouths to speak, that seemed human, until their bones outlasted their bodies.
    On long car rides, the stories pass the time. My dreams wake into stories they weren’t intended for. I don’t write down most of it, I can’t even remember what half of the stories ARE anymore. What I do write down is never the finished product, as I endlessly revise key parts of the story, add offshoots that I later delete, change the characters, and their names.
    Even listening to music, I add the emotion from the song into a story unto the song itself. One of my stories was about this woman who lured people away with all sorts of music where they would all dance as they went away, seemingly asleep. Her name was Lucia, a girl who died in the forest, having fallen down a deep hole, where no one could remember anything about her afterwards.
    Some of the stories are really morbid, which is why I don’t tell anyone about them…Most of them are love stories, and stories about hardship and loss. I’m relieved that I’m not the only one!

  25. That’s so cool! I’m just like that, although I don’t make myself the main character of these vivid fantasies. I prefer to do them through third person because I honestly don’t see myself being that awesome. Most of my made-up stories involve characters from books or movies, namely Harry Potter. I’m very artistic, which fuels my imagination. Whenever I draw a new character, I automatically use him/her in my next scenario before going to bed. I give them a name, a backstory, a personality…… I
    even create jokes for them to tell other characters. I find all of this strange since my life is actually boring. I’m guessing this is the only special thing about me.

  26. I am 16 and I am so glad that I found this site . I do the same thing. I make up stories after watching series or movies with myself as the main character but with a different face or skills ( the ones which I want in myself in real life) . Earlier I just used to do this at night but now I have started doing this many times , in day time too. And because of this I am not able to focus on my studies. It’s like in my mind I am in a completely different world but while sitting on my couch as usual. I just can’t get away with my stories and I keep making new ones too. I really want to know why I make such stories so that I don’t let it hinder my studies.

  27. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been telling myself stories before I fall asleep for as long as I can remember (I’m 14 now). I’ve always struggled with being an introvert, not socially awkward, just preferring to be inside my head rather than at a party.

    I remember my stories starting when I was around 9, when I first read Harry Potter. I loved it, and thought about it whenever I closed my eyes. It inspired me. I didn’t start creating my own characters yet, but I remember running scenes at night from Hermione’s or even a feminine Harry’s perspective. I looked forward to it every night.

    Sometimes my stories were just about a stronger version of myself. Where I was popular in school, sat with the popular girls at lunch, and was the soccer team captain and new cute guy at school has crush on me.

    But mostly, my stories were fantasy. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, I just wanted to feel stronger than who I was. When I got older though, I got more picky about my characters. I would never have obsessed over the house elves like Hermione, and Annabeth is way too into architecture for my liking. I never liked to change an original character that wasn’t mine. And that’s when I started to write my own.

    Seventh grade was really hard for me. A lot of my friends changed and, that’s not the point. I watched a really good fantasy TV show that I loved around Christmas that inspired her. (I tried, but it’s too hard for me to write exactly what show it was).

    I used the original world, and the original characters, but I wrote an entirely new character into the plot. It’s been a year and half, and I’m still perfecting her. Her clothes, backstory, friends, personality, flaws and themes, how she develops, nicknames, it’s gotten crazy. Every night, I fall asleep to the story I created for her. It was my escape from real world drama.

    It took me five months to decide on her name. I knew it had to be perfect. And it is. And she is. Smart and strong and beautiful and ends up with the heartthrob. I feel like I’ve bonded more with fictional characters than real people. I zone out and completely forget where I am because I’m in a whole other world in my mind. It’s scary sometimes.

    But now I’m afraid it’s gone too far. Every spare moment I get I’m thinking about her. I turned down opportunities to see my friends and family so I could be home alone and be with her instead. I haven’t had a friend over to my house years…I’ve been writing in my diary a lot about it.

    Is this getting out of control? Am I gonna be ok? Is this normal? Bad? A problem?

    Now I know I’m not alone. I’ve never ever told anyone about this. I’ve never even spoken my character’s name out loud or written it down. It’s too personal. It feels good to know that I can relate to someone out there. Developing this character has helped find new confidence in myself, like it was there all along but I had to use my imagination to find it.

  28. Im 16 now and ever since I can remember ive thought of stories in my head at night. Im always the main character and i usually think of myself being a superhero or just someone who fights crime and saves people. sometimes i can think of a story and continue it most nights for about 2-6 months. I thought i was insane until i found this page

  29. Hello! I’ve been doing this for a very long time and I thought it was a unhealthy thing to do before sleeping. But I was wrong, it is very normal to do it and I’m glad other people know about this really cool thing. Normally my stories are about future love relationships or movies I’ve watched and I add my own characters. In fact I believe it is a very good way to sleep because you have no problems ( problems can create a unhealthy sleep ) and you drift into sleeping.

    I wonder what my next story will be!?

  30. I’ve been doing this ever since I’m was very little. I don’t understand why I do this though. I tried writing letters and conversations explaining why, it’s just I couldn’t. I thought I was the only one. So my new character was born. She was an outcast, someone who was just like me, but was also what I dreamed of being. What my childhood fantasies were. Every night I retell stories, and sometimes make new ones. I gather inspiration from books, shows, movies, names, anything that I see or do during the day. I don’t plan on stopping this. I’ve done this for almost 15 years, and I visit my fantasy every night with a new story, then explore a whole new adventure in my dreams. I’m glad there are others like me. To anyone who does this, don’t stop. I’ve tried time and time again explaining this to my parents, my friends, my coworkers, but just stand akwardly. It is something only I know about. I don’t plan on stopping, and I’ll probably do this until the day I die. I should probably begin writing these down. I don’t know how to say this. Don’t stop reliving your fantasy.

  31. I’ve been doing this ever since I’m was very little. I don’t understand why I do this though. I tried writing letters and conversations explaining why, it’s just I couldn’t. I thought I was the only one. So my new character was born. She was an outcast, someone who was just like me, but was also what I dreamed of being. What my childhood fantasies were. Every night I retell stories, and sometimes make new ones. I gather inspiration from books, shows, movies, names, anything that I see or do during the day. I don’t plan on stopping this. I’ve done this for almost 15 years, and I visit my fantasy every night with a new story, then explore a whole new adventure in my dreams. I’m glad there are others like me. To anyone who does this, don’t stop. I’ve tried time and time again explaining this to my parents, my friends, my coworkers, but just stand akwardly. It is something only I know about. I don’t plan on stopping, and I’ll probably do this until the day I die. I should probably begin writing these down. I don’t know how to say this… Don’t stop reliving your fantasy.

  32. I do this too. I have done this since I was at least 9 and have been doing them since. I usually make fan fiction in my head and the stories last night after night. I have always wondered if it was normal or not.

  33. Wow. If I haven’t come across this, I would have thought I was crazy. These so often “stories in my head” are keeping me awake till 3 am. These stories clutters my mind so much sometimes, I end out blurting things I have said in these “stories.” Most people would call me crazy or insane. But I’m just a person with wild imaginations.

  34. I’ve been doing this all my life as well. I’m 17 now, and I started noticing this constant storytelling happening in my mind since my early childhood years. I have characters of people, animals and fantasy creatures in this little universe, similar to ours but shaped by the other stories I’ve enjoyed over the years. Like others in this thread, I’ve always considered it a form of escapism. Whenever my anxieties creep up on me in the quiet moments of life, I often call back to some mental story that I’m working on, or a character that I haven’t explored in months. When I’m influenced by a new tale, or I want to experiment with the boundaries of my stories, I can do this too. I’m so happy to see other people with similar experiences here. I should write some of these down someday when I’m more comfortable sharing this decade of worldbuilding.

  35. I love that other people do this. Like a few others I can’t remember a time before I told myself stories to fall asleep. I’m 28 now and have been telling myself the same story since I can remember to fall asleep to, often telling the same parts over and over, changing small parts here and there as I fell like it. I’m the main character and it’s in some sort of alternate universe. I only ever do it when trying to sleep, and it seems to work.

    I thought it might be a crazy thing of mine but glad to see others do the same!

  36. I’m so happy to see this post and all these replies!!!!! It’s always comforting to know that your not alone! With this whole story thing, I too started it when I was younger after my traumatic time with moving schools. Being young and feeling lonely, it helped to make up/focus on other people other than myself. Over the years, I’ve grown and my situation has gotten better bur I see myself making up these stories more than ever!!! I try not to make them get in the way of school or my daily life but its just so entertaining!!! I do it during dishes, sleeping/whenever I’m bored. I can’t really do it if I’m around people/my friends or family because I have to focus on that present moment and don’t want to seem crazy. I’ve been doing this for so long with certain characters that I was actually baffled when I realized that they weren’t real. Alot of the times I wish they were becuase they give me so much comfort. But at the end of the day, their not real but the stories are entertaining and they do help me get through my day to day life.

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