Bowen’s Reaction Series Haikus

Sometimes, it takes a little poetry to make scientific information stick. Bowen’s Reaction Series is one of those concepts in geology that can make life a whole lot easier for students of the science. But there’s a lot there to commit to memory.

Bowen's Reaction Series.png

“Bowen’s Reaction Series” by Colivine – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.


So I invite my students to write haikus about Bowen’s. I’ll share some of them here: Continue reading

Silicate Minerals and Bowen’s Reaction Series

Essentially all of the solid Earth, except for the slimy biological parts, is composed of minerals. Minerals on Earth may be divided into several categories, depending upon their composition and structure. Carbonate and phosphate minerals are important for life, in that they form the skeletons of many different groups of organisms. Native elements, like gold, are economically important. The vast majority of minerals that exist on Earth are in a class called the silicates. Continue reading