What is Gruit?

First, if I see a single comment with the statement, “I am Groot,” I’ll… I’ll… wave my fist in anger. Any sketches of a tree-like alien being will equally be… waved at.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about what beer is. Now, I’ll say something about what came before hops: gruit. Gruit, or gruut, is a term used in reference to un-hopped beers.  Continue reading

Art Every Day – Day 11

It’s funny how committing to 15 minutes a day of art expands into much more than a mere 15 minutes. But it’s fun.

Today’s work is a little shift away from the fish project I’ve been working on to the elegram project that the Nature Conservancy has been putting on. The idea is to gather 20,000 artistic renditions of elephants in return for $23,000+ in funds to help protect elephants from poaching in Africa.

This is a work in progress. I hope to finish it and submit it tomorrow: Continue reading