The Dwarf Pirate – Tales of the Finger

So, you’re wondering what I did. What happened that I needed five stitches on my index finger. Well let me tell you.

It was raining. Raining a lot. Completely bizarre for Wyoming at this time of year – for any time of year, really. There was water everywhere. Great ponds where only caked dust lay for years.

I noted upon one of these unusual bodies of water (as I drove past on my way to an incredible fossil locality) what appeared to be a sailing vessel. Continue reading

Character Sketch: Father Arin of Herongarde

For giggles, I thought I try my hand at responding to one of the “Today’s Cliche” prompts from the RocNaNo blog. The challenge was to develop a character based on the prompt in something like 2000 words.

This is a character from the Herongarde Trilogy that one day I’ll finish writing. I hadn’t developed him very well, and now that I have, I think I need to include him more often. There are bits and snippets about Herongarde here on my blog. This post is also mirrored over on the RocNaNo blog.

Character: Priests who go adventuring.

Father Arin of Herongarde

Arin was born to a merchant, and spent his formative years traveling with is father and mother throughout Herongarde, Aidengarde, and Falgarth (among other nations), visiting noblemen and royalty wherever they went. Arin’s mother died when he was about seven years old, leaving him desperate for answers. Continue reading

Stink Bug – Chapter 34

It was like a blast of gale-force wind hit. I winced. V’x cried out.

Voices cried out over the wind. The grey. It was speaking. I heard V’x. She was in my head. She was crying in terror.

The grey continued. I couldn’t understand. V’x cried louder. She was trying to withdraw. The grey wouldn’t let go. I slapped my free hand over both of their’s. They had to keep talking. Continue reading