Stink Bug – Chapter 39

The floor was hard, but the chair was no longer an option. It had been mangled by W’x’tl’s aggression. It would take some doing to make it a serviceable piece of furniture again. Probably easier to just toss it out and start over.

V’x cooed and stroked my hair, clicking her beak slightly and worrying over the scratches on my arms and shoulders. I didn’t want to move. Everything hurt. It felt as if every part of W’x’tl had been sharp, and she had never missed her mark. Continue reading

Stink Bug – Chapter 38

I sat facing the door, expecting it to open again at any moment. The grey had left rather suddenly. Maybe it would be back.

V’x was still cooing quietly. I twisted to see her sitting outside of the cage. W’x’tl sat inside, silent, her beak tucked under her wing.

“Vix?” I said, straining to see her. She didn’t move. “Vix!” W’x’tl fluttered, emitting a low threatening trill. Continue reading

Random Scene Sunday

“Seth!” Rott’s voice echoed through the dark cavern. “Seth! Are you all right?”

Daggers of pain swept through his body as Seth tried to draw a breath. He inhaled dust and coughed. The pain was sharp. All he managed was a gasp.


A shower of fine dust and rock showered Seth’s face.  He was stuck. The left side of his body was pinned beneath a massive boulder. His left hand was throbbing and tingling. He could move his fingers, he thought, but only barely. Continue reading

Tales of the Finger – Oh, for a Main Gauche!

Crazy things happen when you’re out in the field. I carry lots of equipment for working with rocks, but nothing to ward off invaders. On this day, I was merely trying to have lunch and I found myself wishing I had my sword.

When I’m out doing geology, I seldom think that I’d wish for a sword. But there I was, with a stick and a rock hammer.

And the Clark’s Nutcracker was totally divebombing me. Continue reading

The Lion – Tales of the Finger

Sometimes, an injury is totally worth it. If you’re gonna get hurt, may as well do it in a real cool way.

People keep asking me what I did to hurt my finger – that annoying injury that’s been driving me crazy for the last six weeks. I’m finally almost back to normal, so maybe this time I’ll actually tell the truth about what happened.

So we were hiking out to look at some really cool structures in the northern part of the The Breaks, where I go do geology every summer. There aren’t too many places out there where there are any trees, but on Owl Ridge, there are lots of junipers and limber pines. We were glad to be there, because it was hot that day. Very hot. Continue reading