Art Every Day – Day 9

Weekends are different than the work-week, in that I have a little time for longer-term projects.

Today’s art is related to my costuming hobby, but is also practical. I’ve found myself hanging out with the archers in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I just bought a bow. I’ve made an arm guard. And I have all the appropriate 14th century-ish clothing. (I even wore my wool cloak today during archery practice because it was so cold!)

One thing I really need is a quiver to hold my arrows. So I’m making one. Continue reading

Art Every Day – Day 6

Today was a difficult day to accomplish a little art. I did finally sit down in the evening and crank out this lovely:

Sunfish1Despite my difficult time doing a some art, the dinosaurs did get into some mischief again:

Art Every Day – Day 3

A little bit of art every day is good for the soul. This month I’m making a point of trying to do something artistic daily, as part of Art Every Day Month.

Because of this, I’ve let myself get into a little project, just for giggles. Drawing is a fun thing, and the idea for this just tickled me. I probably shouldn’t work on it, as I’m in the office and thus should be doing office-y things. Whatever. Continue reading