30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 9 – Favorite TV Show

In case you wondered, I draw most of these while watching my son play soccer. On this particular day, the boy had an unfortunate collision with the soccer goal, which inspired me to draw a picture from one of his own favorite TV shows:

30-Day Drawing Challenge - Day 9 - for the boy

Day 9 - The Boy's Favorite TV Show

Once that was taken care of, and the boy was happy to resume playing soccer, I drew a quick picture of what my favorite TV show as been (of late, anyway):

30-Day Drawing Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 - My Favorite TV Show

Seriously, though, don’t ask what kind of act that’s supposed to be. Maybe a Vegas-y sort of thing.

30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 1 – Me

Stupid Mass Spectrometer!

Not the best drawing, to be sure. It’s base on how I perceive myself to look, not on any photograph or viewing myself in the mirror. The mass spectrometer is often my worst enemy.

By the way, I hate my chin. Seriously hate it. I think that’s probably the one part of this drawing I got right – because I hate it so much. *sigh*