We’ll see how this ‘blog’ things works out

I’m a quiet guy. Like the Ents of Middle-earth, I tend not to say much, “unless it is worth taking a long time to say.” Since I’m a perfectionist, and I hate being wrong, it’s more comfortable for me to keep my trap shut then to risk saying the “wrong” thing. Somehow though, it’s not so bad to type something as it is to say it out loud. There sure are a lot of thoughts rumbling around inside this ol’ noggin, so I’ll give the blog thing a try and see if I can’t relieve some of the craniopressure.

So, what shall I blog about?

I’m feeling pressured lately to defend the ranks of the scientists, and the knowledge they have given us, particularly as regards to climate change and global warming. It is alarming, depressing, frustrating and scary to me that so many people (some friends included) are comfortable parroting the deniers’ soundbites, putting on the “skeptic” badge long enough to join the witchhunt against the world’s climate scientists, without doing a modicum of internet research to find out what the actual consensus is. I anticipate most of my blog entries will be about this issue.

I have a number of other interest/hobbies that I may choose to write about at some point as well. These include energy conservation, renewable energy, bicycling, photography, cameras, atheism/humanism and other science and engineering topics. Along the way I will probably find it unavoidable bragging about and/or cursing my five-year-old son and my she-blinded-me-with-science wife.

“When the music’s over, turn out the lights.” – The Doors