Moving Forward – Moving On

The last six months have been a roller-coaster for this paleontologist mom.

Things are happening beyond my control that is driving me to re-think my life goals. Do I want to continue in academia? Do I want to try to start that brewery? Do I want more cats?

Well, the cats are winning, so far. And I’m going to try to stick with academia, but it might not make ends meet. Darn it.

Charlie (passed), Niko (passed), Shadow (15 y.o.); Sage (15 y.o.), Toby (passed), Snickerdoodle (10 y.o.); Spike (10 y.o.), Spell (11 y.o.), Skittles (11 y.o.)

But I have the cats. And I think I can do something good with the cats. For the cats. And for me too.

Check out the changes I’ve been making at Second Guess Farm. What do you think?

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