Turning the “Corner” – #Paleontology Field Work 2018 – Day 14

The morning started out brilliantly, with some great fossil finds.

Collecting (yes, there are people in this photo).

An “exploded” turtle. Modern weathering processes tend to break fossils apart.

A tiny skull bone from a fish or a lizard.

A tiny rodent jaw.

Sweeping the outcrops…

No, it’s not an alien landing strip. It’s to clear the debris and hope for fossils weather out over the coming year.

After all this work though, it was truly too hot to continue. So we did what any intrepid group of paleontologists would do: We went to Dinosaur National Monument, and hiked out to Harper’s Corner. It was delightfully overcast and rainy.

A trail I want to take (and I did).

View through the trees.

Green River.

Can you spot the fault?

After all that hiking, it was great to get home to my nice comfy tent that night.

Home sweet tent.

Onward to one more full day in the field tomorrow!

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