The Search for Soil – #Paleontology Field Work 2018 – Day 12

This morning was spent looking for fossil soils low in the Uinta Formation. No shock, but we didn’t find any.

We did, however find a creepy scarecrow of sorts…

This scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.

A place where caving means something different than what I thought it meant…

I’ve done a little caving. I don’t see any caves around here, tho.

Some cactuses…

This one little hill was just covered with them!

And a make-shift corral made with a stone wall..

Wonder how long ago this was still in use?

I did actually find some fossil soils, in the end, and a fossil or two, but it felt like a sight-seeing day more than anything.

That happens sometimes. Such is the way of paleontology.

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