Friday Headlines: September 1, 2017

Friday Headlines, September 1, 2017


Today’s round-up:

Florence Flyby

Diffusing the Yellowstone Timebomb

The Astronomer Pries and the Big Bang

How to See the Mountain-Sized Asteroid Florence in the Sky Tonight

It’s 2.7 miles wide and 4.4 millions miles away. Catch a glimpse while you can.

NASA wants to prevent the Yellowstone super volcano from destroying the US

The plan is to drill around and below the main heat source to release energy. The hydrothermal energy escaping will be used to generate electricity. It’s a win-win.

George Lemaître Is The Forgotten Astronomer — And Priest — Behind The Big Bang Theory

The Astronomer Priest: In 1927, George Lemaître published his research showing that the universe is expanding. In 1931, he published the only logical follow-up: That if the universe is expanding, then it must have started at a single point. this was the beginning the what is now known as the Big Bang Theory.


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