Supplies and Tourism – #NTCave2017

Today was resupply day, so I got to take a trip into town, where we could get groceries, water, and ice. A side benefit of this is that I got a shower.

The Red Apple, Lovell’s grocery store.

I also got an amazing lunch at Aud’s Bar and Grill.

The green burger: 1/2 pound patty, with green chili, jalapenos, and cream cheese.

And nearly as great as enjoying air conditioning, I also got to do some laundry (but I had to air dry my clothes).

After dinner, nearly everyone in camp, including me, took a little drive to see the sights. Our first stop was Armpit, an old mining camp that is now frequented by cavers.

We saw a one-horned bighorn sheep.

That had to hurt.

We stopped at an overlook of Bighorn Canyon.

Then we drove down to the openings to two popular caves in the area, Bighorn Caverns…

… Followed by the the opening to Horsethief Cave.

… Where apparently radon levels are high.

We met a couple of rattlesnakes while there.

There are two snakes in this picture. Can you see them both?

The day ended like any other in Wyoming, with a beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow I go back into the cave. Let’s see what everyone has dug up!

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