In we go – Day 1 – #NTCave2017

We made it in for the first day. Today was clean up and making a plan for the short field season. This will be my office for the next week and a half.

(Pic forthcoming. It won’t upload.)

First we got some training.

Learning the ropes, literally.

Then it was time.

Under enthused. (Yes, it’s sideways. I’ll fix it, eventually)

Descent was quick and painless…

Rappelling in. (Yes, it’s sideways. I’ll fix it, eventually)

For people, at least.

Baby packrat mortibus est.

Mummified bluebird chick.

Random, sadly deceased, caterpillar.

But not all that’s in the cave is dead.

Life finds a way.

Now everything is all cleaned up and the real work can begin. Stay tuned!

Tracks in the dust. (And sideways again.)

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