What’s Brew? January 17, 2015

I’m pretty pleased with myself that I managed to type 2015 and not 2014. I imagine it will be October before I get it right consistently.

But I digress..

I discovered yesterday that in with the current frigid winter temperatures, the only room in the house that’s sufficiently warm for fermentation in my bedroom. So I am currently sharing my sleeping quarters with three carboys of fermenting loveliness.

What’s brewing?

In one corner is Simon’s Misery Yam Ale. I used the recipe I developed for the pumpkin ale and added yams instead. I hope it’s delicious. It’s a week away from racking.

Tucked into a minute corner is the Irish red ale in a one gallon carboy. It still is fermenting slowly. Not sure I’ll bother with racking with such a small batch. I might just bottle it when it’s thoroughly finished with fermenting.

Next to the Irish red is my Baltimore Complex ale. I developed this experimental brew to have a Belgian-esque flair, and used Old Bay for flavoring. I have no idea what I’ll get. I just hope it’s drinkable.

Baltimorphic Complex

Baltimorphic Complex

I’m making Baltimorphic Complex in preparation for the Geological Society of America annual meeting, which will be in Baltimore this fall. I’ll experiment with a bunch of one gallon batches, then make a five gallon batch when I’m satisfied that I’ve come up with a recipe that will work.

Thus far, it’s fermenting quite nicely.

And what’s on tap?

I still have a few bottles of the pumpkin ale. I think we finally finished up my Sam Adam’s Summer Ale clone.

Conditioning, I have a bazillion bottles of coffee stout (from a kit), ginger beer (also from a kit) and my Yam-Tastic Oil Change Porter. The stout should be ready to drink but it’s struggling to condition in the chilly conditions of winter. The others are at least a week away from drinking, if not more, for the same reasons. I took a few bottles of each into my room so that maybe they’ll finally carbonate and be as delicious as they ought to be.

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