Resolutions and Resettings

As Devon Boorman aptly puts it here, my resolutions this year are mostly ‘resettings,’ with a few new things. Resetting involves returning to older goals, revising if needed, and starting over. Resolutions are for new things, and I have a few of those for the coming year as well.

For 2015 I resolve to:

1) Get back to daily fitness activities, including, but not limited to,
2) Get back to regular, formal training with the sword.
3) Read more, both fiction and non-fiction so I can,
4) Write more, on my personal blog, the new Second Guess Farm blog, and for my CSI Web column that suffered terribly last year.
5) Garden more. I didn’t do it last year, and I missed it. This year I need to, because I need to,
6) Grow heritage grains and other plants, so I can use them to,
7) Develop signature brews that will become the hallmark of the forthcoming Second Guess Brewing Company.
8) (And this will be a challenging actual ‘resolution’) Put on a business hat and go out there. Second Guess Farm and Brewing won’t just happen. I gotta go out and make it so. We’ve got time, so not everything had to happen this year, but we have to be serious and make progress. It has to be a priority.

Lastly, and probably most important,
9) Do all this while still making the time to provide my son all the necessary attention and treatments that he might grow to be an independent and functional autistic adult.
10) And carve out time to continue to work on and improve my relationship with my husband.

Neglect would destroy those things most important to me: my husband and son. The rest is for naught if I lose them.

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