“H” is for Hit, and for Haeg

“H” is for Hit, and the Ernemann Haeg

Hit cameras are very small film cameras first marketed under the Hit name.

Hit cameras are adorable little cameras, originally made by Tougodo Optical of Japan. They were popular in the 1950s.

Hit - Tougodo - 3

Doesn’t look like anything other than a simple camera.

Hit - Tougodo - 2

This one even bears the Hit name. Hit cameras, however, had lots of different names and are a popular collector’s item.

Hit - Tougodo - 1

Here it is with the back open, the film reel removed, and my finger for scale.

Because I took pictures of it, here’s another cool ‘H’ camera, the Heag II by Ernemann.

The Haeg II Series II

The Haeg II Series II

This was a plate film camera manufactured between 1913 and 1925.

The lens of the Haeg II camera.

The lens of the Haeg II camera.


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