Optimism – Join me for Rochester’s DecNoWriMo

December’s NaBloPoMo theme is More/Less. Today, it asks the question,

“Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?”

Well, that depends on the day, or how witty I’m feeling. The glass, of course, is always full, half with water and half with air. I usually refer to such things as half-full, so I guess that makes me an optimist.

That’s good, right?

Well, speaking of optimism, I’ve just signed myself up for Rochester’s own DecNoWriMo. It’s like NaNoWriMo, only that it happens in December. And the word count goal is a little smaller. And we have a couple of tracks you can take.

One of the tracks is to write a short story that is in some way centered around the city of Rochester, New York.

I’ll be writing something about what might happen if 13th century Rochester Castle (from the UK) suddenly found itself plunked into the middle of the modern city of Rochester, New York.

Think I can do it? I think so, too.

Wanna join me? Find more information here.

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