What Do You Wish To Reach For?

For giggles I’m responding to a prompt from Jamie Ridler Studios. It’s called Wishcasting Wednesday and the question is ‘What do you wish to reach for?

It’s kind of a strange question to me. It’s not the same as ‘What do you reach for?’ but ‘What do you want to reach for?’ (It is possible I’m over thinking this a bit. I’m a scientist after all.)

But again, it makes sense. Sometimes life is so chaotic that there are things that we want to try to achieve that we just can’t do because there’s only 24 hours in the day. This question isn’t about the things we want to do, but rather, of those things that we want to do which of them do we wish most that we could actually devote all the needed time to do them well.

It’s one thing to say, “I want to be a master swordsman.” It’s quite another to say, “I wish I could practice two hours every day so that maybe one day I could regarded as a master swordsman.”

In one case, the wisher wants only the end goal. In the other, the wisher yearns for the process.

For me there are two things I wish to reach for, and am being stymied by the practicalities of life:

1) I really do wish I had two or three hours each day, and the requisite equipment and instruction that I could one day maybe be considered a decent swordsman.

2) I also wish I had a several hours each day to devote to writing fiction.

As it is, I manage to get a sword lesson in every few weeks, and maybe 1/2 hour of practice three or four days a week. I do manage to write fiction, but it’s usually between the hours of 10 and 1 pm.

I could achieve these wishes if I abandoned having a job or attempting to be a good parent and wife. But yeah, I kind of need my job (and thankfully I rather like it), and I’m rather fond of my husband and son, so I’m not ditching those things any time soon.

But I know what I’m going to do when I retire!

So… What do you wish to reach for?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Wish To Reach For?

  1. Both exciting things to wish for! I’m not sure I could do sword play, but I know that writing fiction is an exhilarating feeling! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  2. I wish I could read a book (or blogs), crochet, write on my blog, cook, care for baby, and have some quiet time practically all at once. Until then, I’ll settle for the occasional quiet from baby and crochet project completed timely. 🙂

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