Common Misconceptions about Geology

There are many misconceptions about geological concepts. There is a list of these misconceptions here, developed by Kent Kirby of the University of Minnesota.

As I read through the list, I realized that almost all of them are concepts addressed in the first semester of an introductory geology class. Since I teach an introductory geology class, I thought I might go ahead and address these misconceptions.

This page will be the summary of the misconceptions that I address – perhaps a good place to visit if you’re, say, studying for an introductory geology exam.

Misconception – Crust and Lithosphere are the Same Thing

Misconception – The Rock Below Tectonic Plates is Liquid

Misconceptions – Rocks and Minerals

Misconception – Earth’s core is hollow, or that large hollow spaces occur deep within Earth

Misconception – Rivers only flow south

Misconception – Rivers flow passively over the Earth’s surface

Check back soon! More to come!

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