Friday Headlines: 9-6-13

Friday Headlines, September 6, 2013



Today’s round-up:

Richard III had worms?! Eww.

Geologic maps as art.


Into the bowels: Richard III’s remains riddled with roundworms

A year ago in Leicester, archaeologists uncovered the skeleton of King Richard III in a site where crews were excavating for a new car park.

For the first time, archaeologists could see Richard’s skeletal structure and assess the scoliosis that gave him the moniker ‘the hunchback king.’ Now, scientists from the University of Cambridge have determined that Richard had worms.

Specifically, he had Ascaris lumbricoides, a roundworm. He probably got worms from eating improperly prepared foods in life.

I add here, that it was not the worms that killed him. A blow to the head that removed part of his skull is the more likely culprit.

So remember kids. No matter how important you are – even if you’re the king – good hygiene is important!


Psychedelic Rock: Wildly Colorful Geologic Maps of National Parks

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “rock art.”

Geologic map of the Grand Canyon. Click image for a high-resolution version with explanation. (Credit: USGS)

These are geologic maps. The different colors represent different rock units or formations, with the color selected based upon the type and age of the rock. There are various lines and other symbols marking faults and other structures in the rocks.

The end result can be really amazing!

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  1. I saw another article on Richard III’s medical report, and it said that while he did seem to have roundworms, they didn’t find eny evidence of other parasites that were common in that age. So he was actually doing better in the hygiene department than most of his subjects.

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