First Day of the Dinosaurs – Challenge Response

Over at the RocNaNo blog, I posted a challenge using this image as a writing prompt.

What we did at work today (Rawwrrrr!)

Here’s my response:


Sauropods. Those are the ‘longnecks,’ right? Veggie-sauruses. Nothing to worry about. Only that they can squish you. Meh. They only live in swamps. That’s what’s in my gas tank. And, I think I’d see them coming a million miles away. Who cares.

What are the other ones? Ornithopods? Oh no. Those are the ornithischians. Who comes up with these stupid names. Why not just ‘bird hips’? And don’t give me that crap about how birds aren’t ornithischians. Birds are birds anyway.

Birds are dinosaurs. Blah, blah, blah.

What’s the other skiing one? Saurischian. That’s right. “Lizard hips.” What silly names. Archaeologists need to use more sensible words. (Archaeologist. Paleontologist. They’re really the same thing. Those people are just splitting hairs. So uptight.) Why not ‘giant carnivores’? I mean aren’t the Terror-pods in there? But wait. Where are the sauropods then?

Geez, why did it take this stupid class? I just wanted to learn about Tyrannosaurus, and I learned about freaking fish. And when we finally get to dinosaurs, all this crap.

Oh well. I’ll get my grade and be done with this. Crazy teacher keeps telling me that the sailbacks aren’t dinosaurs. Didn’t she see Jurassic Park III? I know way more than she does. What a moron.

Well. One more test and I’m done. No more stupid lizards to taunt me. I think I’ll take a nap. Yeah. Sounds good.

Wait. What’s that crawling on me?

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