“Z” is for Zanycteris

“Z” is for Zanycteris

This is it! The last Paleocene mammal of the month. One that starts with the letter “Z.” Zanycteris is a member of the Family Picrodontidae, which is in turn a member of the group of mammals called the plesiadapids, which are closely related to the Order Primates.

A reconstruction of some of the plesiadapiform primates. The two in the foreground are Plesiadapis. In the upper left is Ignacius and in the lower right is Picrodus.

The Picrodontidae are a favorite of mine. They were small plesiadapids with long, tiny, narrow teeth. They were easy to spot. There were four specimens of Picrodus in The Breaks, including some partial upper and lower jaws. Something about them just stayed in my head.

I should have taken pictures…

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For 4-30-13

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