“G” is for Gelastops

“G” is for Gelastops

Gelastops is a member of the Order Cimolesta. Though this order is extinct, it is thought that the modern pangolins, the fossil carnivorous group Creodonta, and modern carnivores descended from cimolestids.

Two species of Gelastops are known from The Breaks, both of which were previously only known from Torrejonian-aged localities. In The Breaks, both are also known from the earliest Tiffanian.

Like many Paleocene mammals, Gelastops is known mostly from isolated teeth, as are almost all of the cimolestids. Here’s a couple of very hypothetical reconstructions of Cimolestes:


A reconstruction of Cimolestes

Another reconstruction of Cimolestes

An image of a tooth of Gelastops parcus can be seen in a paper written by Benjamin Burger located here.

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