Grant Me an Audience!

National Blog Posting Month – March 2013 – Risk

Prompt – Do you like getting up to speak in front of a crowd?  Will you submit this year for VOTY?


Oooh. VOTY. *Googling* “Voices of the Year.” Hmm. Intrigued. I’ll think about it.

To answer the first question, the answer is a resounding YES! I have the ham gene. I love getting up in front of people and talking. I love teaching. I love having an audience!

That isn’t to say that I don’t panic a bit when it’s time for things to start. I do still have social anxiety. Yes. It’s true. I really do. I was the kid who would fall over in front of the class if they had to read an essay that they’d written. I was the one who’d nearly throw up. I was the one who’d blank out and forget what they were saying.

Yup. That’s me.

And I still die a little inside when I walk into a full class room. I still gasp when it’s time to give a professional talk. The difference is that now I know that I won’t die. I also know that I can occasionally deliver some good one-liners that keeps the audience on my team. I have fun presenting at scientific conferences now. I love teaching (who cares how big the class is!). Put me on a panel, I’m just fine. It doesn’t have to be science. I’ve spoken about writing and social media. I don’t really care.

I have the ham gene. I love to have an audience. (Even if I panic for a moment at the beginning!)

So, what about Voices of the Year? Has it been announced for 2013 yet? I don’t see it, so I guess not. That means there’s time!

Sure, I’ll consider submitting for VOTY. I think I have a contribution to make, most likely in the category of “Identity,” but maybe also in “Parenting” (raising an autistic child does that to you).

There’s time yet (apparently). We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Grant Me an Audience!

  1. My Google didn’t give me Voices of the Year, but yes – I’m with you! I will check it out and sign myself up! We have a bunch on common – children on the spectrum, both doing the A to Z Challenge, both doing NaBloPoMo, both like to get in front of a group EVEN with social anxiety issues!

    We are practically… sisters or at least… very good friends.

    Grateful to find you today, this time via NaBloPoMo

  2. I can address a group without too much trepidation, but interacting with a group wears me out. My fiancee and I have both noticed that people we work with seem to thrive on being with others, but we’re both drained by it.

    In my case, I just like being in charge. I don’t know what her reason is. (grin)

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