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National Blog Posting Month – January 2013 – Energy

Prompt – What is your favourite thing to do when you lose energy in your home and can’t use electronics?


What would I do without electricity and all my little gizmos? Luckily for me, I’ve been in such situations many times. I’m a geologist. I camp. Electricity isn’t always an option. So, what do I do?

If the weather is good, I’ll go outside and do something in the garden. Or go for a run or a long walk. Alas, most power outages happen when the weather is bad (ice, wind, snow), so going outside is not likely a good option. What then?

I crack a book. I don’t read fiction often enough. I need to. I need to desperately, but it seems that I’m always busy doing other things (not least of which is writing!) I would likely take the downtime as an opportunity to read for a while.

Of course, what usually happens when I read is that I get a strong yen to write. Without electricity, computers aren’t an option. That’s OK. I have a special notebook, just for writing longhand. I took it to the Arctic and wrote a ton in my tent, as well as on planes to and from our field sites. I wrote at “Inception Camp” when I was on an elk hunt with my dad in 2011. There’s a good chance I’ll be writing if the power goes out for very long.

There’s one other thing that I’m likely to do if the power goes out. It’s every adult’s favorite: crawl back into bed in sleep until the lights are on again. In fact, that sounds pretty good right now (even though the lights are still on!).

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