Rockin’ to the Oldies!

National Blog Posting Month – January 2013 – Energy

Prompt – What is your favourite song that gives you energy?

A song that gives me energy… Wow. That’s a toughie.

There’s no one song that gives me an energy boost. At least not one that I can think of. I do have a playlist on my iPod called ‘SOS’ that I put on when I need some energy. I like to listen to it when I workout (if I’m not using a workout video). It’s full of songs that have a solid beat that I can sing along to. I like to listen to it when I’m driving.

In fact, last time I drove out to Wyoming (three days of driving) I had two students in the car with me and we listened to the SOS playlist the whole way. One of my students called it ‘epic playlist.’ She loved it. I took that as a compliment, given that I’m old enough to be her mother, yet am somehow hip enough to have music that a student of mine might like.

When I reflect back, there was a time in my student career when I relied entirely upon music for energy. Somewhere during the writing process of my dissertation, I developed severe acid reflux. I had heartburn for five weeks straight. It was horrible! I had to abandon caffeine completely, but I still needed to maintain some energy to get my work done. That year I listened to the same Blink 182 album (Enema of the State) on repeat hundreds if not thousands of times. It was perfect: completely raucous and energizing, but so simple as to not be distracting. It got to a point that the music would get stuck in my head and I couldn’t sleep. It was equally as effective as any amount of caffeine consumption I’ve done in the past. To this day, I’ll pop it in if I need some energy. (Strangely, though, none of those songs are in my SOS playlist! Go figure.)

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ to the Oldies!

  1. Songs that give me energy? Oh, where to start? Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Orff’s “O, Fortuna” (my friend says it makes him feel epic when he’s vacuuming), Golden Earring’s “Radar Love,” the Halo video game soundtrack, The Skyrim video game soundtrack, most anything by the Doobie Brothers, most anything by Queen, “Vehicle” by Ides of March, Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” most anything by Boston or Blue Oyster Cult.

    As you might guess, I’m a child of the 70s.

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