Noises off!

National Blog Posting Month – December 2012 – Work

Prompt – Can you get work done with background noise or do you need the room silent?

Everyone has there preferences, but for myself, I generally need silence or white noise in order to keep my thoughts from wandering too far. Sometimes I can work to old, familiar music, but most often, silence.

Noise distracts me constantly. I hate extraneous sounds. I like quiet. The noise in this room right now is disturbing me.


For 12-24-12

1 thought on “Noises off!

  1. I prefer quiet myself, but I work in a cubicle farm next to a sales department where everyone uses speaker phones. I have a music player and earphones to block out some of the noise, which helps. But if the music has vocals it’s just as distracting as the other voices in the room. So I listen to jazz, classical, or video game music (Skyrim and Halo are the best) while I work.

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