My dream job?

National Blog Posting Month – December 2012 – Work

Prompt – If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Any job in the world, eh? Well, I like what I do, so I suspect that wouldn’t change much. I might adjust the hours I worked; five hours a day suits me better than eight. Then again, I pretty-much do that now. I mean, I’m usually in my office for at least five hours a day. After that, if I can, I might just book out of there. That isn’t to say that I don’t make up that ‘missed’ time elsewhere.

I would like to make writing a greater component of my actual job. By that, I mean non-technical writing. I wish working on my novel(s) didn’t have to come out of my sleep. I wish I actually got paid to do that. Or even got paid for the non-technical science blog posts I write. To have that count as ‘work’ toward my paycheck would be delightful.

Truth is though, I think I do have as close to my dream job as I can muster. I have visions of one day writing a block-buster screenplay or novel and becoming a billionaire. I think if that happened I would still do what I do. Less teaching, less lab management for sure, but more science, and waaay more writing.

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