Why buying used books is wonderful!

This last weekend, Writers & Books, a local bookstore and writer-gathering hotspot had its “Book Thieves Holiday Book Sale.” My husband picked out a bunch of cool books, including an older astronomy book. This is one of many little notes found inside:

A note stuck into an astronomy book. It reads:
“Comet West – March 5, 1976
5:32 A.M.
There appeared at the top of the window a very brilliant light and in the instant that it took me to focus, right before me was a brilliantly glowing ball but of a hazy shape. greenish in color and indescribably bright. It seemed to wobble a little which must have been its revolutions and moved with a slightly downward curve then was suddenly gone. Sky was overcast for next few days.”

This was fascinating. Who knows where this viewer was when he observed this (though I suppose we could figure it out from the other notes and newspaper clippings tucked into the book).

This does seem as if it would be an interesting opening scene for a book such as mine (The Masters).

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