The Masters – A ‘blurb’

This is a brief description of the novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month.  Based upon this description, would you read the novel? I’d be interested in any comments you may have.


Marshall Thomas’ life of comfort, affluence, and fame ended abruptly the day his girlfriend, Katrine, met his fiancee. And he was arrested for DWI. He lost both women that day, and very nearly his livelihood. He found that more than anything, he regretted losing Katrine. A year later, he was making progress along the path toward getting his life back in order. He fortuitously had an opportunity to patch things up with Katrine. She wanted no part of him it seemed, but heard him out as he pled his case. He thought he might have a chance.

Then the Masters came.

They bore down on Earth with great black ships, capturing every human within sight, and killing any who did not cooperate. Their intent was to enslave humanity, taking only those reduced to submissive obedience to serve their new Masters on a distant planet.

Marshall desperately tried to shield Katrine from capture, but with no success. They were forced to board a huge spacecraft where they were subjected to unspeakable horrors. Marshall’s world was shattered, replaced with hellish torment.

But in the darkness was Katrine, and the slightest glimmer of hope.

The vessel carrying the human slaves was attacked by another alien species completely terrifying in appearance. Nearly every human on board was killed by the Masters, to ensure that their prize would not benefit any others. Among those who lived were Marshall and Katrine, still together after having visited Hell itself.

They were uncertain for their future, but, despite all odds, Marshall was committed to make things right with Katrine. And somehow they would find their way home.

Addendum (December 15, 2012):

This story is currently in the Curiosity Quills NaNo-Virtuosos Competition. Here’s my entry. If you are so inclined, please read some of the entries and vote for your favorites. The authors will appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “The Masters – A ‘blurb’

  1. It’s an intriguing idea. It sounds like winning Katrine back is the higher priority for Marshall. That’s quite different from the space opera I usually read. Actually it feels more like a fantasy novel, which is my other favorite genre.

    I think it sounds like a winner.

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