Costume Challenge: Decisions and Shopping List

I’m not sure why I’ve decided to do this. Lord knows I’m not exactly overflowing with extra time! Oh well! It’s coming up on Renaissance Festival season, and I want some new costumes. And just in time comes this challenge:

The Second Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

The contest calls for me making three costume layers (underwear to outerwear) and some accessory. I’m trying to decide how to approach this. Strangely, the problem isn’t really what I should make, but for whom shall I make it? I’m thinking I’m gonna make something for the husband in this case. Last year’s costumes were more Medieval than Renaissance, but we can re-use those for another trip to the Faire. And this time, we have a workable costume for the boy as well!

Over the winter, I was inspired to make some more Renaissance-y costumes for myself, so I’m set more or less. My costumes aren’t *exactly* what one might have worn during the Renaissance, but they’re close enough.

Costumes for the man, it is!

So, for the man, I first need to make a shirt [Item 1]. I’ve actually made him one before, but for the contest I must 1) make everything from scratch, and 2) make something a little more Renaissance. This new shirt will need an upright collar, and maybe some embroidery.

I’ll probably also want to make him some hose – joined hose [Item 2], that is. I made hose last year, too, but not joined hose. I love telling the husband that he’ll have to wear hose. It makes him cringe.

Then a doublet [Item 3]. Not surprizingly, he has one of those too. But the one he’s got is sleeveless and collarless. This time, I’ll go with sleeves and an upright collar, and maybe poofy shoulders. Yeah, he’ll like that.

I need to make slops [Item 4]. It took me a while to figure out what ‘slops’ were. If they’d’ve just said ‘poofy pants’ I would have gotten it.

Then I need something to put over that, a cloak or cape. A cloak [Item 5] will do, methinks.

Finally, I need an accessory. So, I need to think of a man’s accessory. Probably it’ll have to be a hat [Item 6] of some sort.

Well then let’s lay it out.

[Item 1] – shirt: the costuming book I have calls for 3.75 yards of 45 inch wide linen. Linen is *really* expensive, so that’s not going to happen. But there’s some linen-look fabrics that I can buy. This is probably the simplest piece I’ll be making.

[Item 2] – joined hose: Wow. This pattern calls for 2.5 yards of 50 in wide wool plus 2.5 yards of 50 inch wide cotton or linen. Wool is also expensive. Might have to improvise there. Cotton will be cheap.

[Item 3] – doublet: Now we’re getting complicated. Wings and tabs and points and ahmahgahd!! All right, but we can do this! This pattern calls for 2.75 yards each (at 45 inches wide) of calico, top fabric, and lining. Let’s see here. What’s gonna give…

[Item 4] – slops: Crap. Panic is setting in. This is complicated. Panes? WTF? All right, I can do this. Everything should be 45 inch wide fabric: 4.5 yards of calico, 1.25 yards of top fabric and lining for the panes, 0.75 yards of top fabric for the lining, 0.75 yards of top fabric for the canions (whatever they are), And then some lining (1.5 yards) and wadding (1.3 yards).

[Item 5] – cloak: Well, my one book has nothing on cloaks, but that’s OK. I’ll fret about that later.

[Item 6] – a hat: This is another thing that will wait a while.

So the contest actually begins on April 15th, but I can at least purchase all the fabrics I need before then. Maybe I’ll have a better idea of how exactly I’ll accomplish this after I get the fabric.

Anyway, here’s to sewing!

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