25 Days of Writing – Day 15

Day 15: Your character is upset. What about? How does it affect them? Does anyone come to comfort them? Write a scene where your character is distraught.


“Where is she?” Trey asked wearily.

“My Lord?” asked Kevin.

“Hanna. Where is Hanna?”

“I know not, Lord Trey.”

“She was with me, Kevin. Where is she?”

“I know not. My concern is for you, not for her.”

“My concern is for her. I told you to care for her. Where is she?” Trey’s voice was getting louder.

“My Lord. Trey. I’m sure she is fine. We’ll find her,” assured Kevin.

Trey collapsed back onto the pillow. “You had best.”
Kevin stepped back and looked at Markus who stood beside him. The two men exchanged glances expressing their shared wonderment at Trey’s deep concern for this woman.

Jason stepped close to the two Lords of Herongarde. “I will seek her. Where was she last?”

“I found him on the north side, under an enemy trebuchet. He says she was with him, but injured,” muttered Kevin in a low voice.

“Aye, I will find her,” said Jason as he turned and quickly ran off. Jason knew that neither Markus nor Kevin were aware of the love that had been growing between Hanna and Trey. Jason had become aware of it two weeks past when Hanna’s nose was crushed by that warlord of Falgarth. Trey had been deeply concerned for her, though he tried to mask it. Jason could tell something was brewing in the tired heart of Lord Trey. Trey was a changed man, much more like the man Jason idolized as a boy. Trey seemed happy and interested in life, not so dark as he had been in recent years. Apparently, Trey himself was now aware of his feelings toward Hanna. Trey was urgently fearful for her.

Jason also cared for Hanna. She was a good woman by his estimation – thrust into an unfortunate circumstance, in which she was actually performing quite well. Jason had worried for both Trey and Hanna when to battle seemed to be gathering toward the tower where they had hidden themselves. It seemed that the battle found them. Jason prayed that Hanna was not lost. Not only would it be a loss of a friend, but he feared that it would be a fatal blow to Trey’s new-found inner peace.

As Jason rushed from the room, Trey’s mother, Queen Tessa, entered. She regarded the scene in front of her. Trey lay with his hand over his eyes. She could tell he was near tears. His mouth was stretched into an uncomfortable grimace. Markus and Kevin stared as him, arms folded defensively. Kevin was annoyed and Markus looked perturbed. Something was happening.

Markus looked up at the Queen as she entered. “Your Highness,” he greeted.

Kevin bowed to her, but said nothing. He was clearly troubled by Trey’s behavior.

“What happens here?” asked the Queen.

“What is this concern he has for this woman Hanna?” demanded Markus. “I worry that his priority is not with Herongarde.”

A small sound escaped Trey’s mouth. The Queen could tell he was very upset. “Well, where is she?” she asked.

Kevin straightened up, exasperated. “I know not!”

The Queen shot Kevin an angry look for his outburst.

Markus spoke. “Jason seeks her now. Apparently she was with Trey when Kevin found him. Kevin’s priority was with Trey and got him safely here. Others were left to deal with the remaining survivors.”

“Ugh!” cried Trey. “She’s not just some… ordinary—!”

“Was she injured?” asked the Queen calmly, cutting off Trey.

Trey uncovered his eyes and looked at his mother. “Aye, Mother. She was hurt. Badly.” He turned away again and shut his eyes. A tear dripped down his face. “I fear for her!”

“Then we will find her,” said the Queen calmly, pointedly making eye contact with both Markus and Kevin. She bent over Trey, stroking his cheek. “Do not condemn Kevin for his actions, Trey,” she said soothingly. “He acts only in the best interest of Herongarde. He knows not of you affection for her.”

Trey drew a deep breath. “Aye, Mother.”

“Jason seeks her,” the Queen continued. “I shall send others to look for her. She will be found and cared for, aye?”

“Thank you, Mother,” whispered Trey. He put his hand back over his eyes as fresh tears dripped from them.

“Now, my son, you must turn your focus to Herongarde, though it be difficult,” the Queen said softly. “Your countrymen need you.”

Trey nodded. “Aye, Mother. I know.”

“Rest for a moment and gather yourself,” she murmured. She rose slowly and turned to Markus and Kevin who looked at her in disbelief. “Do not mock his affection for Hanna. He has a great fondness for her.”

Markus screwed his face up, about to argue with her. She cut him off. “Now is not the time, Markus,” she hissed. “Trey loves his country, and will do his duties. But do not mock his affection!” She pointed her finger first at Markus, then at Kevin. “Just do not do it, aye?”

Markus and Kevin exchanged glances. “Aye, your Highness,” agreed Kevin.

Markus gazed sadly at his nephew, without speaking. He wondered what had happened in the months since the war had started. He returned his gaze to the Queen. “Aye, your majesty. We have much to do.”

The Queen smiled. “Thank you Markus.”

“I do pray I will get an explanation at some point before returning to the battle front, aye?” said Markus.

“That is a fair request, Markus. At a better moment, we will speak of it,” replied the Queen. “Now, my son must rest for a few moments, if you can afford him this?”

“Of course, your Highness,” replied Markus. “I will gather reports then return.”

“Thank you, Markus.”

He bowed and left the chamber. Kevin followed suit, leaving the Queen with her son.

She bent over Trey and stroked his hair. “They are gone, Trey. Talk to me.”

Trey’s hand still covered his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but his lips shook. His face contorted and he burst into sobs. The Queen took her son in her arms and held him as he wept. As he calmed, he spoke. “I love her, Mother. I love her. Please God, let her live.” He repeated these words over and over.

“God willing, she will be found safe, Son,” she whispered in his ear. “I know you love her. I pray for her as well.”

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