25 Days of Writing – Day 10

Day 10: Your character has dreams, ambitions, and goals don’t they? What are they? What are they doing to achieve them? Write a scene that shows these aims.


Trey sat gazing out over the practice fields. The men of the Mark were returned; the war was over and won. His father was back to managing the daily business on the throne and Trey could return to his preferred pursuit of swordcraft. Here it was, finally, what should be a golden day, and he was miserable.

He felt more like he was mourning. The war, and the battle for Herongarde Castle, had resulted in great loss of life, but this was not what he mourned. The battle had, in fact, given him a greater gift than anything he could have imagined. He had loved again, and became aware of that love on the battlefield. His Lady, Hanna, had survived that horrid night. He had professed his love for her while lying in a muddy conduit, together, facing the truth that it was possible that neither would survive the night.

For two months since that battle, he had loved her openly and gladly. None knew of her battle prowess, but all knew of their love. None knew of the oaths he had sworn to her before she would accept his love, but all knew that Trey was suddenly a man ready to lead his country. He was changed from a brutal, angry swordsman, to a gallant and powerful heir to the thrown, tempered by a woman at his side fit to be Queen.

But it was not to last. Trey and Hanna both knew that the King would not approve of their relationship. She was not noble. She was cheeky and difficult. She was hardly lady-like, especially in her willingness to bear a sword against an enemy. Trey’s mother did approve, for she had seen their love and the transformation it made in Trey, but the King would not.

Trey and Hanna were ever cautious to avoid doing anything which would surely result in Hanna’s dismissal from Herongarde. Most importantly, though they laid together every night, they had not consummated their relationship. This would be a heinous sin in the eyes of Trey’s father, and could possibly even drive the King to have Hanna executed. Thankfully, their decision to abstain was made easier by each of their reluctance to risk pregnancy. Trey had already lost one love to childbirth, and Hanna herself had nearly died bringing her own son into the world. Neither of them felt that succumbing to the passion that they felt for each other was worth the risk of her death.

Besides, Trey pondered, she knows things. Trey grinned at the thought, with tears gleaming on his cheeks.

As expected, the King had not approved of their relationship. So far as Trey could tell, His Majesty thought their relationship a continued ruse so that the couple would have an excuse to spend time alone together while Trey trained Hanna for combat. The King was furious to find that Trey and Hanna bedded together, and called them both liars as they attempted to explain their love to him.

The woman – Hanna – was to be sent away. His Majesty had at least seen value in Hanna’s actions that ultimately saved the life of Trey on more than one occasion, so she was to be send off to serve the Lord Gerard at Coolwal. She would remain within the realm and jurisdiction of Herongarde, but would be far enough removed to put an end to this ‘false’ love, as the King called it. She would be safe there, and treated well, but she would be alone.

Both she and Trey wept at the decision of His Majesty. Hanna had accepted the order and left to gather her things from Trey’s chamber in preparation of her departure. For her to argue would have only made matters worse. Trey, however, had plead with his father, then shouted angry words. Three times since the order, Trey and his father had angry exchanges.

Ultimately, Trey also accepted the order of the King. He did this at Hanna’s request. He had sworn to her on the battlefield that night that he would embrace his future as King of Herongarde, and that he would never place her first before that. He knew that if he tried to escape with her to some other place, he would lose her love. At least when he was King, he could bring her back to Herongarde. He would have to be patient.

But the pain was agonizing. Today was a day of celebration. Aian and Jason had just received their Marks – true bothers of Herongarde they were this day. A tournament to celebrate the end of war and the induction of new Mark-bearers was about to begin. All was jubilation and glee. But Trey’s heart was heavy.

Trey took a deep breath and began to walk back toward the tournament grounds. At least the King had agreed to allow Hanna to remain until after this tournament. Trey would champion her this day, and maybe – with one more night before she must leave – maybe Trey could convince his father to allow her to remain.


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