Friday Headlines: 1-30-15

Friday Headlines, January 30, 2015



Today’s round-up:

Landslide video!

Exploding volcano video!

Inside the Greenland ice sheet

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Yam-Tastic Oil Change Porter

Over the winter holiday, I discovered that yams have a particular sweetness that I really felt must be included into a beer somehow. I started looking for yam ale recipes, but none gripped me. Then I stumbled upon a porter recipe for pumpkin, and simply decided to substitute yams for pumpkin and adjusted the batch for my experience and what grains were available to me.

My recipe:

5 gallon partial-mash
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Wednesday’s Whimsy

I stayed home sick today. I’m still sick. I hope that I’m un-sick tomorrow. This sick business stinks.

In the meantime, I laid around a lot, and fiddled on Twitter (and Facebook, too). This tweet caught my eye:

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#365papers: January 26, 2015

There’s this Twitter thing going around with some academic-types I know.


The goal is to read a new technical paper daily for the next year, in an effort to stay on top of the science. I love this idea and immediately challenged myself to read a new paper daily.

Almost as immediately, I got behind. Nevertheless, I have been mindful of some interesting papers that have recently been published. I’ll include a couple here, from time to time. Apologies for any that are paywalled.
Today’s Round Up:

Getting protein from bone

Mesozoic mammals from China

Nannofossils establish timing for volcanoes Continue reading

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My Orange Baby

It’s been a challenging day. I’m glad it’s over, and everyone is home, safe and warm.

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What’s Brew? January 17, 2015

I’m pretty pleased with myself that I managed to type 2015 and not 2014. I imagine it will be October before I get it right consistently.

But I digress..

I discovered yesterday that in with the current frigid winter temperatures, the only room in the house that’s sufficiently warm for fermentation in my bedroom. So I am currently sharing my sleeping quarters with three carboys of fermenting loveliness.

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It’s been bitterly cold here. The result is snowflakes.

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What is Gruit?

First, if I see a single comment with the statement, “I am Groot,” I’ll… I’ll… wave my fist in anger. Any sketches of a tree-like alien being will equally be… waved at.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about what beer is. Now, I’ll say something about what came before hops: gruit. Gruit, or gruut, is a term used in reference to un-hopped beers.  Continue reading

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Synchronized Sleeping

I’m told that cats are common on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Why fight that?

This week, two of the three cats performed their most skilled exercise: synchronized sleeping.

Not only do they sleep alike, they look alike.

Not only do they sleep alike, they look alike.

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What is Beer?

Since I’m jumping into brewing in a rather manic fashion, it seems only natural to take a moment to reflect upon what it is that I am making.

I brew beer. Lots of beer.

But what is beer?

Beer has three required ingredients. Leave one out, and you no longer have beer. Continue reading

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