The camera that started the collection.
This is the first camera that we purchased that was not not for use, but for our viewing enjoyment.

This camera was manufactured around 1939 by the Universal Camera Corporation, out of New York City, NY

The distinction between this and the Corsair I is that the Corsair II was designed to accept the standart 35mm film cartridge - which at that time was a new innovation.
This camera was quite complex for its day, featuring several settings for shutter speed and aperature and had an adjustible focus.

In these photos, the lens is retracted. When extended, the lens is about 3/4 inch further out away from the body of the camera.
Like many Universal Camera Corporation cameras, there is an exposure calculator on the back. Ther is also an indicator that adjusts to show what film is in the camera.

There are two peep holes in the viewfinder. The one on the right is used to frame the shot. On the left is an extinction meter for calculating exposure.


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